Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sister Weekend!

Thursday night my Mom drove the girls out to our house for a Hagan sister weekend. We had a great time spending time together, it's been way to long since the 3 of us girls have just hung out! So sat morning we spent a little time updating out sister pics! Here are a couple:

Me and Tay

Alex and I

After our photo shoot at the house we headed out for some lunch and shopping! Here is Alex wishing she was a little older

For lunch we ate at Mimi's Cafe, here we are waiting for our table.
It was great hanging out with my Sister's! We will definitely do it more often!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home Update...

First off, let me introduce you to one of our Hank! He lives next door, and never fails to greet me every morning before I leave for work. Anyways on to house projects:

Alot of the projects we have been working on have been outside and garage projects. Kev is creating his dream garage (he definitely has the space! 5 car garage.) We started off with white walls covered in dirty shelves, so Kevin ripped them all out and re-painted the walls yellow or "Lions Mane" to be exact. Now he is working on building his own cabinets, and is doing a fantastic job! They are not finished, but it sure is a great start!!!

Kevin and his Dad have been busy planting shrubs around the house, we also put in some different citrus trees..

Here is our first little baby!

and they just keep comin! Look at those little

Here is a small portion of the back yard, we are going be be planting grass where it steps up and there is a little fire pit up there as well. (Great for roasting marshmallows!) We have many more things we are working on right now, i'll keep ya posted!