Monday, December 15, 2008

Long Weekend.....Long Post

Here is a small glimpse at our living room. This is my favorite room in the house, it is very unique with its tall ceilings, large brick fireplace, and it's massive shelving unit...Sunday we decided that we needed to update a few things in there so Kev framed out the TV square so we can hang a flat screen...So here is the before

Almost there...

There! All framed and textured ready to be painted, I love having my own handy man!!! Next we wanted to paint the room...Here is Kev getting the hard to reach spots...I WAS NOT about to climb up there!
So here is the color we chose...looks very blue in the picture, but is actually like a greenish blue...So we got most of the painting done but are not quite done all the way. I'll post the finished product when we are finished!!! Also I need to give a shout out to Meg! Thanks for coming and helping us paint! Oh and also running to costco! hehe

Saturday, Alex and I went over to Connie's to bake Christmas cookies with the girls. We had a blast making all sorts of goodies! Here are the busy little bee's...

Yum Yum!
Alex's finished product! The most beautiful cookies I have ever seen!

and the yummiest!
Now we are ready for our Cookie exchange at Grandma Fran's house Wednesday night! Can't Wait!

Last week Kevin and met my Aunt Karisa, Grandma, and Papa John at church for a Christmas play. It was so amazing, they had live animals: Camel's, Zebra's, Donkey's, and even an Elephant! They had a live orchestra and a Christmas tree full of people! We had such a great time! Oh and My favorite part...

Real Angels!
One of the Kings.....On a Camel!!!

Well that's the end of probably my longest post ever! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

Monday, December 1, 2008


For Thanksgiving we went to Kevin's Aunt Kris and Uncle Brad's house, we had an awesome time spending time with family and eating amazing food! Speaking of food, here are my dishes I brought to dinner my very first green bean casserole, and my awesome awesome olive cheese bread. Well I can't exactly call it mine...I got it from she has amazing recipes!

Look at these cute girly's!

Simon, Meg, and Wes relaxing and watching the game.

Look at these beauty's!!!

We were so glad to have Grandma Fran and Simon back home in Arizona!!!

The boys waiting for dinner

Mark and Jodee!

The girls hard at work in the kitchen.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!