Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Ali Grace

My baby cousin, Ali Grace Lara was born last Saturday. This morning I drove to fountain hills to see her for the first time. She is so so tiny and beautiful. I am so happy to finally have a girl cousin! Here I am feeding her.

Ali getting ready for her first trip to target!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

You win some, you lose some

Saturday night we went to the ASU vs UNLV football game. Sadly, we played really bad and lost. All these pictures were taken before we started losing, so everyone is very happy, then we took a turn for the worst. The guys took the loss pretty bad. So here is a pic of Zach, Kim, Unknown, Kevin, and me! lol, This woman talked to Kevin and Zach the WHOLE game. She knew NOTHING about football. She was only there because her daughter is a cheerleader. She was very nice, but insisted being in a couple of our pictures, lol.

Here is Sparky trying to keep our spirits up...

So this woman sitting in front of me turned around and asked if I have read the "twilight" series? I was like "YES! I'm on the 4th book!" Then she pointed to Kevin, not knowing we were together, and said "I think that guy (Kevin) looks JUST like what I picture Edward to look like...I started cracking up! I was like, yeah he's with me. lol! She was so embarrassed and kinda star struck at the same time! It was so funny, I guess I never thought of it but he kinda

This is Dave and Tracy. Dave works with Kevin. They were so much fun to hang out with. I am really glad they came!!!!
The girls

GO ASU!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Slumber Party!!!

So we were up in Heber this weekend and we got to visit with my Dad and Tayler, but sadly did not get to see my Mom and Alex because they were in Fountain Hills at the condo. On our way down we swung in and picked up Alex so she could spend the night at our house. Sunday Alex helped me grocery shop, then we took a dip in the pool. That night Kevin took us on a date to PF Changs! It was soooo good, Kevin taught Alex how to use chop sticks! We had a blast so much fun! After dinner was bath time for Alex and after I made Root beer floats for us!! YUM YUM

Alex fully enjoying her root beer float

So after desert we went upstairs to watch a movie, and what would a movie be without POPCORN! Alex HAD to have popcorn with the movie, so here she is sharing with

Miss Alex with her huge bowl of popcorn, getting all over our It was worth it, we love having her spend time with us!!!

Alone, Alone, Alone

So for the very first time, in a year of living in my home, I stayed ALONE Thursday night. Kevin had gone up to Heber with his dad Thursday morning, and I was leaving Friday with his Mom. So yes, I am a HUGE baby, but it was very very sad staying all by myself. After I turned all the lights on in the house, and locked and checked the doors and windows about 5 times. I packed my stuff for the weekend, talked on the phone with Tayler for a while, and took advantage being alone and watched girly movies that Kevin hates...So, I am not looking forward to do that anytime soon!