Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pool Party!!!

Sunday Kevin and I drove to Fountain Hills for my Papa John's birthday/pool party! We had such a good time swimming with the whole family.
Here are the kids playing in the water fountain, Alex, Paul, Jake, and Caleb

Alex and Kevin

Most of the gang

Me and Kev

My beautiful Mother and Me!

Alex the Mermaid!

Adam and Jake

And last but not least the birthday boy himself, My Papa John! He just turned 60! Looks awesome huh...Papa John and my Dad hanging out in the shade, trying not to get splashed...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! This is my Dad, Bret Shawn Hagan. My dad has 4 loves: My Mom, Me, Tayler, and Alex. For the past 21 years he has been there through the: Barbie dolls, makeup, killed every bug with a mile of us, unclogged the blond hair from the vacuum, he has learned how to blow dry, braid, and curl hair, and has every line and song in "The little Mermaid" memorized. He has always been there for us, I love him so much.

Kevin and I had a blast hanging out with my family all weekend. After dinner Sat. night we hung out at the house, playing games, and watching movies.

Here is Alex, showing off her fat lip she got after tripping and falling flat on her face...poor baby.

Me and Kev


4 Wheeling!

I started Father's Day by cooking a big breakfast for my Dad and the rest my family. It was awesome by the way...then we gassed up the 4 wheelers and headed out for a ride.

Me and my stud muffin!

Mom and Dad

My adorable sista's!

My stud

Me and Tay

The precious princess Alex!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blast from the Past!!!

I was going through pictures today and found these old pictures from 8th grade, we were so little!!
This was either in 7th or 8th grade, I had everyone over for my birthday, and my mom gave us all makeovers and took pictures of us, we though we were so cool!!! lol This is: Lachelle, Cara, Corie, Jesse, Katie, Megan, Melissa, Amber, and Kristina.

8th grade graduation, Katie, Megan, Corie, Ali

Getting ready for 8th grade graduation: Ali, Corie, Megan, and Kristina

This was our 8th grade trip to the state capital: Katie, Corie, Ali, Melissa, and Jesse

Us in the hallway at Capps, Elaina, Corie, Hanna, and Spencer

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kenny Chesney Poets and Pirates Tour!

Saturday Kim, Zach, Kevin, and I went to the Kenny Chesney "Poets and Pirates" concert at the Glendale Arena! We got to see Gary Allen, Sammy Hagar, Keith Urban, and Kenny Chesney perform! It was awesome seeing them perform in person. Well kinda in person, we were pretty high up, lol.

Glendale Arena!!

Zach was trying to look like Kenny Chesney, he didn't do a very good job, lol!!!

Here are the boys trying to look like cowboys, nice try guys! The shirts and the hat helps though! lol