Saturday, August 1, 2009

Viva Las Vegas! (Sorry, Picture overload!)

Vegas Baby! Kev, Wes, Meg, and I went to Las Vegas last weekend! We had SO MUCH FUN! We stayed at the Venetian, it was the most beautiful hotel! Our first morning out and about:

Gondola Ride, very romantic!

You never know when it might rain?

We ran into a lot of celebrities in Vegas, guess it was just the place to be!
Here's me and Nicholas Cage

Kevin moon walking with the astronauts...
Me and Shaq going head to head
Wes and Michael
Me and Tim
Kevin and StevieBen, Me, and George chillin back in time
Meg and George Clooney

We even made it out to the golf course and got to hang with Tiger. Wes was given Tiger some tips...

Okay, okay, so we really didn't meet any REAL celebrities...but we sure had fun at the Wax Museum!!!
Saturday night we ate dinner at Emeril Lagasse's restaurant "Delmonico". It was fabulous!

After dinner Kevin and I went to a cirque du soleil show "O", a water show at the Belagio. The show was absolutely fantastic, and our seats could not have been better, center stage almost close enough to get splashed on! Anyone planning on going to Vegas I definitely recommend this show, it is a must see!


The Bishop Family said...

How fun! Vegas is a blast. Where is the Wax Museum? Happy Belated birthday to Kevin! Megan looks great!